Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses or injuries by creating a loving, supportive and healing community.

Our Story

In late 2014, founder Jaryn Hall-Haines’ 9yr old son started having strange medical symptoms. Despite his symptoms, doctors assured her that her son was fine. Instead, however, the symptoms worsened. After much persistence and an exhausting year of visiting many doctors, Dartmouth Hitchcock Pediatric Oncology diagnosed him with cancer.

Jaryn and her family were presented with something no family wants to face. They rallied around her young son while he faced radiation and chemotherapy. Through the process, the whole family experienced a rollercoaster of challenges, both together and individually, that they continue to endure to this day.

Once Jaryn’s youngest son finished chemotherapy, her family was approached with a new challenge; her eldest son had also fallen ill. After many tests and operations, he was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis, an auto-immune disease that is extremely painful and can be fatal.

The obstacles the family was facing also started to weigh heavily on the psychological well-being of each family member. Jaryn’s daughter was particularly affected.

Despite the many obstacles Jaryn and her family continue to face, they feel they have grown so much closer as a family. They feel blessed to have had such a wonderful support system of friends and family that have shared their love and support throughout their journey.

The experiences of each member of Jaryn’s family are what led them to create Hope For Young Heroes - an organization that fosters the belief of supporting families that are facing life-threatening illnesses and the challenges that come with them.

As a family, they feel that the most rewarding and emotionally healing moments of their journey are when they confide in other families going through similar experiences. Having had the experiences they have, they now share the gifts they have received by seeking out families that are struggling with illnesses, helping them to feel loved and supported, and creating a community of healing where families won’t have to shoulder their burdens alone.

Thank you so much for supporting Hope For Young Heroes Foundation. Together, we can make a huge difference by strengthening and supporting each other, one family at a time.


Art for Hope (online silent auction fundraiser)

Art for Hope (online silent auction fundraiser)

Art for Hope (online silent auction fundraiser)


Feb 22nd thru Apr 5th, 2020

Hope For Young Heroes' first online silent auction fundraiser has officially launched, and we are adding new pieces daily to our auction page! A huge thank you to the students from St. Paul's School (New Hampshire) and the other local artists for donating their art pieces to our cause.
Click below to access the current items available for bidding and help give hope to children affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Wave of Hope (social media fundraiser)

Art for Hope (online silent auction fundraiser)

Art for Hope (online silent auction fundraiser)


A single dollar won’t buy much anymore, but it’s enough to change a child’s life. Together we can make a huge difference! We are asking everyone we know to donate a dollar to Hope For Young Heroes Foundation and then to spread the challenge to everyone they know.


Hope For Young Heroes is a nonprofit in the state of New Hampshire. We are preparing to apply for federal nonprofit (501c3) status, thus your donations may not be tax-exempt at this point.



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